KMR implementation
Maintenance management system

We set together, the specific needs, establish and evaluate the steps to be taken: customization, implementation, post-implementation.

We provide technical support as well as specialized training for using the KMR application, so that you may use it at full capacity to fulfill your purpose.

Our services can include application administration, customization or complex training for usability.

KMR system delivery

System installation - We offer license and documentation for the use of the software;

End-user training - We train users for an efficient use of the KMR system;

We provide technical advice so that you can provide the required installation framework;

We install the app in the current version (the latest version of the app);

We configure the system according to your type of business;

System reviewing and testing.


KMR system is fully developed by Quartz Matrix Research & Development Department, so the maintenance management system can be customized on the specifications identified at the customer's premises and in accordance with its needs and expectations.



KMR system Workshop

In-house workshop for the use of KMR system, dedicated to new users, to refresh knowledge or familiarise with the new application features. The goal is to quickly familiarize the user with the program, as well as gaining time and money that results from the efficient use of the application.


Maintenance Management Course

Through our partnership with BestSmart we offer lectures and trainings, which are based on research, analysis and case studies, gathered from business reality, business environment and professional experience. The maintenance management course is meant for understanding the roles, tools, methods and best practices that can be used in the maintenance management process of equipments and machinery.

Start KMR

See how KMR system helps you manage equipment, machinery and stock, reduce downtime and save time and money.

Easy to implement

Visit the implementation guide with step-by-step tutorials. It will guide you through KMR system - Keep the Machine Running.


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KMR system is a flexible and easy-to-use solution for maintenance management