KMR integrates IoT technologies

(Internet of Things)


KMR integrates IoT technologies (Internet of Things)

focusing on automatically gathering information about equipment / machinery and other useful data for maintenance management:


Operating time











Therefore, the Maintenance Management system KMR (Keep the Machine Running) offers an unprecedented level of visibility, both for the production line and for all other factory operations. This way, you do not only collect and analyze data from devices using a single interface, but you also can instantly generate intelligent factory-level reports.

The KMR system integrates most types of sensors

KMR maintenance management system provides you with accurate information due to integrated equipment sensors that colects valuable data for maintenance management process.

Factory managers can now access data such as: equipment efficiency, production line efficiency, alerts in case of an incident from any location, and more.


Useful information for maintenance management


Equipment operating time

Any moving mechanism produces or has a specific wear over time, which is why most equipment manufacturers guarantee a minimum of faultless operation. Therefore, counting the machine / equipment running time provides optimal control over predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance.

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Vibration level

In general, the equipment doesn't fail without first giving any symptoms. For motors, the main parameter that identifies a degree of wear or defect is the vibration level. When the vibration level rises above a set limit, the user is notified and he can plan a preventive intervention before the equipment experiences irreversible damage.

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Temperature is the parameter that can deduce the oil quality in the installation, the defect of an engine, a fault in an electric panel, etc. At the moment a temperature value comes out of the set tolerance range, an alert is sent to allow the technician to prevent a serious malfunction.

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Lack of fluid, which provides lubrication, may be the cause of the failure of a gear. In the case of a tank, the presence of fluid on the overheat sensor may be a malfunction of the system or inappropriate parameterization.

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Preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance through proper pressure control brings a wealth of benefits to both equipment performance and financial performance. Neglecting the pressure on a compressed air system with losses on the route through a 1 mm hole in a 7 bar system can cause losses of over 6 MWh / year.

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KMR system is a flexible and easy-to-use solution for maintenance management