Total Mobility in
maintenance management

Goodbye papers, plan your maintenance work and interventions directly from KMR - Keep the Machine Running.

Access to real-time data
Access to information at all times, on premises and anywhere you have internet, whether using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Ticketing system
Assign work tasks to technicians (tickets / requests).

soft mentenanță

Machinery and equipment

Reduce downtime

Corrective maintenance

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Maintenance planning

Register operating hours

Maintenance and operation materials

Cost control

Stock control

Planning the necessary materials


Technicians work assignments reports (ticketing system)

Stock reports: top costs, top uses

Equipment reports: revisions costs, revisions number

Revision / Intervention reports: top costs, delayed, planned


Assigning work tasks to technicians (tickets, requests)

Access to resources: manual service, historical interventions, similar situations

Alerts, notifications and real-time information

Mobility - web interface (laptop / tablet / phone)


10 types of reports can be generated for:
materials: top uses, top costs, material usage details;
equipment: top number of revisions, top revision costs, details equipment revisions;

revisions / interventions: top costs, delayed revisions / interventions, revisions following the operation counter, similar situations;

tasks assigned to technicians: tickets and requests, equipment manual, service manual, verbal processes, revisions and interventions history for each equipment.

The management of revisions / interventions
machines / equipments

Planning and management of maintenance / interventions for each machine / equipment: type of maintenance / revision, assigned technician / supplier, date, alert, status, diagnosis, tasks, used materials, associated documents, costs.

Preventive and predictive
maintenance management

The application has the ability to alert you before a machine breaks down. Everything is done according to a work plan pre-configured in the application.

Machine / equipment
maintenance management

Full database of all machines and equipment that are subject to maintenance and repairs. Here you can add all information about equipment / machines: name, inventory number, location, warranty period, date of commissioning, operating counter, images, additional data of interest.

Stock management

Real-time access to up-to-date information on necessary materials for maintenance and repair: name, manufacturer, stock, price, manuals. Material lists can be imported and exported from Excel files.

Start KMR

See how KMR system helps you manage equipment, machinery and stock, reduce downtime and save time and money.

Easy to implement

Visit the implementation guide with step-by-step tutorials. It will guide you through KMR system - Keep the Machine Running.


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KMR system is a flexible and easy-to-use solution for maintenance management