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Quartz Matrix is a national engineering company which is constantly tracking its performance to reflect on the success of its customers and partners.

Present for 25 years in the business-to-business market, Quartz Matrix responds to challenges with innovation, to requirements with performance, to demands with efficient IT, electrical and electronic solutions. That's why Quartz Matrix partnerships are always long-lasting, based on complying with the agreed contract and mutual trust.
Quartz Matrix constantly invests in research and development, ensuring that the solutions offered are always customised to the specifics of each individual customer, so that they'll reflect directly in productivity growth.

Quartz Matrix supports the ongoing training of each employee and engages in lifelong learning by allocating considerable resources for the certification of its experts in all areas where operates.

We are pioneers in IoT and Industry 4.0, in Romania, implementing 8 years of innovative projects and solutions in advanced technology.

Therefore, a competent and enthusiastic team is ready to find with you the best solutions for each one and for the benefit of everyone.

References: Artifex

„By using KMR to Artifex, we have succeeded in achieving our goals: a detailed inventory of all our equipment, a maintenance prevention plan, and a reduction in maintenance costs. Throughout the consultancy process, we have received support from both the sales team and the technical side, ultimately benefiting from the training required to make effective use of the application.”


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KMR system is a flexible and easy-to-use solution for maintenance management