Maintenance Management Software

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Specific Reporting

Analyze and make decisions based on application-specific reports, extremely useful information for: management, economic department and maintenance management department.

Validate the quality of work. You can quickly detect equipment with frequent malfunctions, identify abusive or irrelevant actions, determinate which areas give the best results, and which areas record losses.

Manage inventory and budget reporting based on needs.

You can find information about equipment efficiency or inefficiency based on those that produce the most maintenance costs (top spending, top usage, top revisions etc.).

Optimize your employee's work and production using predictions.

Analyze the impact of implemented measures.

Prove your company efficiency in management and production to attract new contracts.

Preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance

Ensure continuous workflow of the equipment and reduce downtime. Prevent unexpected damage, reduce wear on dynamic and static components. Reduce overall maintenance costs by monitoring the technical condition of the equipment and its behavior over time in order to determine the maintenance needed since the first scheduled repair.

Effective planning and monitoring of maintenance activities

Say goodbye to papers, busy files and records of planned maintenance and interventions! KMR system for equipment preventive maintenance makes this extremely simple fast and efficient. You have access at any time to the information you care about, so that you can make effective quick decisions.

Activity control

You have an overview of your maintenance activity, as well as specific information for each implemented and planned actions for factory machines and equimpemnt. You have full control over the entire activity (equipment, materials, assigned personnel) and over the involved costs.

Ticketing system

Reduce response time by assigning tasks to technicians (tickets / requests), evaluate your staff and write up activity reports. Delegate tasks in a balanced manner, effectively supervise employees activities and productivity.

The registered equipment in KMR system is associated with a unique QR Code, which once scanned allows logged technicians to begin solving assigned tickets for each machine. Thereby, each employee activity and ticket status is registered.

In addition to managing tickets, the simple scanning of the QR code provides, to authorized employees, access to equipment information, like: technical specifications, maintenance history, operating hours, status revision, user manuals and any other material required to fulfill the tasks.

Activity records and history

Keep a record, in the KMR maintenance system, of any document that you consider to be useful for maintenance work: equipment manuals, service manuals, verbal processes and so on. You have quick and easy access to revision and interventions history for each equipment. This way, you can easily determine the need for materials and works based on the situations of previous repairs.

Mobility in industrial maintenance

Web interface - laptop / tablet / smartphone. Always informed in due time about the work in progress. You can quickly intervene to correct irregularities. The app has a web interface that allows you to access information constantly both on premises and anywhere you have internet access, whether you're using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

EMAIL + SMS notifications

Increase the speed of workflows by configuring alerts and notifications. Simplify the process and increase the speed of working interventions. You have real-time access to information / decisions, you are sure that accurate and detailed information is passed on to the right people, at the right moment.

Maintenance Management Software

This type of software system is an integral part of Industry 4.0 digital ecosystems, the main role of the management system is to effectively organize the entire maintenance management activity and provide the responsible personnel with control over the equipment, materials, activities, and maintenance costs.


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KMR system is a flexible and easy-to-use solution for maintenance management